Mariner’s Special Salad

A  delicious combination of  oyster, shrimp, octupus and Acapulco style ceviche mixed with fresh cucumber, orange and avocado, tossed in mariner’s sauce.

Seafood Cocktails

Shrimp Aguachile
Acapulco style Ceviche
Puerto Vallarta style Ceviche
Peruvian style Ceviche
Shrimp Ceviche with lemon
Octupus Ceviche Special
Fresh Oyster cocktail
Fresh Shrimp cocktail – medium
Fresh Shrimp cocktail – large
Fresh Crabmeat cocktail
Fresh Snail cocktail
Octopus cocktail
Stuffed seafood avocado
Stuffed shrimp turnovers (per order)
Appetizer scallops
Garlic scallops
Clam cocktail ??
Fresh Fish from the Bay
Whole Red Snapper
 (broiled, Vallarta, Veracruz, Chilango or Papillot style)
Whole Sea Bass
 (broiled, garlic butter or thermador butter)
Sea Bass skewers with bacon
Red Snapper filet
 (prepared with fine herbs, garlic butter, plain butter sauce or in a spicy garlic sauce)
Sea Bass filet mignon special
Sea Bass filet
 (prepared and cooked in curry, in an aluminum foil pocket or breaded)
Fish Chicharron

7 Great Specials from the Bay

Giant shrimp (caracol, coconut, breaded, garlic butter, grilled or butter sauce)
Stone crab
Fresh lobster from the Bay
 (prepared in thermador butter, garlic butter or grilled)
Fresh prawns from the Ameca River
 (prepared in butter sauce, spicy garlic sauce, Ajillo chile sauce or garlic)
Lobster tail
Alaska crab
Surf & Turf

Chef’s Specials

Combination (for 2)
(lobster, 1/2 order of giant shrimps, 1/2 order of fresh prawns and sea bass filet mignon)
3 Musketeers (for 2)
 (lobster, giant shrimp and fresh prawns)
Shrimp combination (for 2)
 (shrimp skewer, coconut, carol??, garlic sauce or breaded)

Fresh Seafood from the Bay

Stuffed crab (Vallarta style)
Baby shrimp
 (prepared in a garlic sauce, butter sauce, spicy devil sauce or breaded or grilled)
Shrimp Fajitas
Little pots of freshly steamed clams
Clams prepared in a delicious green tomato sauce
Jumbo oysters in their shells,  prepared in a Devil’s sauce
Breaded jumbo oysters
Jumbo oyster skewers
Breaded frog’s legs with tartar sauce
Frog’s legs, Province style
Snails in Ajillo chile sauce
Jumbo shrimp skewers
Octupus (prepared in it’s ink, ajillo chile sauce or Veracruz style)
Seafood Soup (to wake up the dead)
Large bowl of seafood soup packed full of shrimp, crab, clams and octupus.  A tasty seafood meal in itself.  
Combination Seafood Casserole
Prepared to your liking.  Puerto Vallarta style, Veracruz style, double cream, garlic sauce, garlic chile or devil’s spicy sauce.


Fish soup
Crab soup
Shrimp soup
Oyster soup
Special “Honeymoon in Vallarta” creamed soup

Salads and cold plates

Shrimp salad prepared with mayonnaise
Crab meat salad prepared with mayonnaise
Mixed vegetable salad
Fresh cold lobster salad prepared with mayonnaise

Super king-sized seafood cocktail – Return to life

Served with oyster, shrimp, octupus and Acapulco style ceviche

For the meatlovers

T-bone (Angus)
Flank steak fajitas (arrachera)
Filet Mignon
Grilled flank steak (arrachera)
Sirloin (Angus)
New York (Angus)
Beef skewers
Chicken fajitas
Grilled chicken
Rib eye (Angus)

Mexican Specialties

Ceviche tostadas (per order)
Shrimp tostadas (per order)
Special crab tacos (per order)


Special Mango cream
Cheese pie
Caramel custard
Ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, coconut, strawberry)
Flamed bananas


Beer (Corona or Pacifico)
Negra Modelo/Modelo Especial
Beer (Victoria, Leon)
Model (kent)
Coffee cream
American coffee
Hot tea with lemon
Iced tea